Remember Me, Very Charming Victorian Era Iroquois Beaded Pin Cushion

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I come across this type of Victorian era beadwork pin cushion from time to time, which from what I understand were made by members of Native American tribes (most often cited as Iroquois, but others as well I believe) for the tourist market. They were definitely made to appeal to Victorian tastes, and often I find them a bit too much, but this one I find just right, my favorite I've seen, with a wonderful delicacy and imperfect perfection, and a feeling of being quite alive with the sentiment it bears, which one can just feel its maker beading out letter by letter. And the glass beads again rose colored ground is just lovely.  Late 19th c.

4 1/4" w x 3 1/2" t and in very good antique condition, with no apparent bead loss. There are a few small holes in the rose colored fabric, showing the lining underneath. Not leaking and perimeter stitching all holding tight.