Beautifully Carved, Mounted Folk Art Portrait of Man with Bow Tie and Fabulous Hair

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All the better in person, the carving on this is really quite stunning, especially that hair!!! Politician? Banker? Business owner? Surely some sort of power broker, looking prosperous and ambitious and perhaps a little smug too in his jacket and bow tie and slightly doubled chin. A wonderful addition to a wall of portraits, I'd say, and quite a fun one to carry on an ongoing conversation with; I don't think he'd shy away from a lively debate! Unsigned, I'd guess 1920s-30s or so--feels very prohibition era to me, which makes me think he'd be pretty fabulous hung over or behind the bar, too.

13 3/4" x 11 7/8" x approx 1 1/4" d. The portrait was carved, stained, and I believe lightly varnished, then mounted to the wood panel by screws visible on the back. Very good condition, no losses, cracks or issues.