Relief-carved Heavy Wooden Folk Art Virgo Wall Plaque

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For the Virgos out there (or the virgin maidens!) or just for someone like me who loves a folky nude. I purchased this from a seller in England, and believe it is carved of oak, stained and varnished. Virgo is associated with Astraea in Greek mythology-- the last immortal to abandon Earth when the gods fled to Olympus, hence the sign's association with Earth. The carved "egg and dart" border seems a knowing nod to the ancient Greeks as well, who used it widely, and which I understand referenced life and death. Variously identified as a fertility goddess or the harvest maiden, this Virgo appears more as the former, though it could be a ear of grain or palm frond she holds in her raised hand. Wonderfully primitive face and body, intensive all over carved patterning to the surface, and fabulous stylized capital letters across the top.

13 1/2” x 10 7/8” and weighs about 3 lbs.  Very good, presumed antique condition. Small loss to upper right corner visible from back only.