Regal Black Folk Art Bottle Doll in Gold Dress

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I purchased this doll from a Connecticut based dealer, who recently found her, and several carved figures I'm listing, together at one estate. To me she feels very regal in her gold beads and marigold yellow dress, with this wonderful hand-painted face on what seems to be black silk (perhaps a tightly stretched and stuffed black silk stocking), and gathering stitches to give shape to her nose. Her hair appears to be astrakhan (lambs wool, still attached to the hide, often used for black dolls), and her body formed by pulling brown fabric over a weighted bottle, such that she stands very solidly (and is quite heavy!) With stuffed black silk arms ending in non-articulated hands. Quite a beauty I think, with a very proud presence. I would guess 1920s-40s. 

11 3/4" t x 4" w; bottle diameter at base is 3 5/8". Weighs just over 4 pounds. Very good condition, no holes and not fragile. There are some scattered dark stains along the bottom of her dress.