Fabulous Redware Pottery Folk Art Sheep (Lid) with Extruded Fur

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I found this one in Maine this week and have a sense that it is quite a special one--a real piece of American folk art I think, I might guess Pennsylvania, which appears to have some good age to it (late 19th c. would not surprise me). I believe it likely once sat atop a pottery jar as a lid, with the lip around its bottom fitting inside the lip of the jar. I take it for a sheep with this abundant coat of extruded clay for fleece and hand-sculptured face with applied clay eyes and incised snout, all glazed a rich chocolate brown. Small losses to the front of its paws and a few minor surface chips/glaze loss elsewhere, but really quite a wonderful piece which I have a hunch I'm well undervaluing.

4 1/4” t x 4 1/4" w x 4 3/4” d. Good overall condition with small losses to front paws and minor surface chips, all as documented.