Red with White Paper Trim Wooden Folk Art Cottage

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If I saw this house at full scale, I would be ready to move in! The shiny deep red paint is just perfect, and pops all the more for the creamy white trim, done with tape of some sort, and brown papered windows, which are covered with clear plastic. A pretty cute light gray stoop and  darker gray sloped roof, too, and the interior, open from the underside, is painted a darker army green.

The only real flaw is a tear across the middle of the front-facing right window. It could easily be removed if desired, which would give a view into the dark green interior, or re-papered, though I'd probably leave it as it is. Otherwise, in very good shape and super solid structurally, with a great patina.  I'd guess 1940s or so but am not certain. 6 3/4" w x 5 1/2" d x 5 1/4" t.