Red, White & Blue Mini Barber Pole Hand-carved Whimsies - Sold Individually

Regular price $28.00

I wonder if these charming old barber's pole whimsies were carved by a barber in his spare time? Maybe made as key fobs for the keys to the barber shop?! One finds some wonderful old hand-carved barber shop poles and signs, but I've never seen mini versions like this. It may be the case that all three were once part of a larger piece, or the two short ones were opposite ends of one piece and the longer one has lost a link on the opposite end. At any rate,  now they're the right size to hang around one's neck or indeed to loop a key ring through, or to hang from a rear view mirror! Certainly the perfect gift for your favorite haircutter! 

I'd guess these have at least a hundred years on the them. Overall good condition,  with a little paint loss and general wear. The end of the long one is not cleanly cut as the short ones are, so probably did lose an end at some point long ago. Shortest 3 1/2" long; next 3 5/8" long; long is 4 7/8" long. All about 3/8" in radius.  

Sold separately- $28 each.