Old Red White and Blue Painted Wooden Bunny on Post

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There are so many good old wooden cutout animals out there; I have a hard time resisting them, especially when they've got such good alligatored paint as this rabbit.  I like that he's got nothing more than a tiny blue dot for an eye and red one for the nose, as it's really all about the silhouette, especially the shape of the ears. A nice echo between the paws on side and tail on the other, too, plus big black boots for hopping along. No cracking of the paint on the flip side, but it's got a really nice softness to the color.

Attached to an old metal post, so he could live in a garden bed or just in a plant, but I'd probably hang him on the wall.  Total dimensions (with post) 16 1/8" t x 4 1/2" w x 7/8" thick. Rabbit alone measures 12 5/8" tall. The color of the white paint is as pictured--more of a cool white with a little gray in it than a creamy white.