Red Valerian and Honeysuckle British Watercolor on Linen and Board

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Decorative in the very best of ways, and with all of the loveliness of spring, this early 20th-century British watercolor juxtaposes Red Valerian, painted on linen gauze, with honeysuckle, rendered on a larger board to which the former is mounted. I think the dark gray cut paper border around the linen is the absolutely perfect detail, and the juxtaposition and interplay between the two about as graceful and elegant as could be. Early 20th century and reflecting a pretty strong Asian influence I think, converging with the distinctly British obsession with rendering wildflowers! So nice. 

14 1/4" x 10 1/8". Unsigned and the artist is unknown. Very good overall condition with light foxing along the top left edge of the board, and on the linen gauze near the top left.