Red Lipped Lovers, Wonderful PA Stumpwork Embroidery on Velvet Pillow

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This one made me super happy when I found it--in New Hampshire, though I'd guess Pennsylvania Amish in origin, c. 1930s or so I believe; a valentine of a pillow if I ever saw one! The mix of colors is quite fantastic, really popping against the dark gray velvet ground, but what I love most is the bright red of this Dutch couple's lips, made a bit surreal by what I'd guess is some fading to the blue of their eyes and caps. With lush big tulips on lime green stems at each corner, and then these thin trails of lines surrounding them like a soft cloud, with some losses here and there to those, all to the good I think. Loaded with personality and very charming.

12 1/2" square and in good vintage condition. It appears the velvet square was sewn onto an existing pillow, and that the piece could be removed if desired (though I think this really makes a perfect pillow front.) The back of the pillow is an undyed linen fabric. Well stuffed, clean and odor free.