Red and White Hand-painted Fire Exit Arrow Sign with Perfect Patina

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In my younger days I spent some time as an art critic, and I can't look at this terrific Fire Exit sign now without wanting to write about it in conceptual terms, though I'm pretty certain that was not its maker's intent! But whether or not fully aware, what they definitely managed to do was to create a very singular copy of a ubiquitous utilitarian sign--a gorgeously painterly version that as such also (re)invests the language of the sign with new and heightened meanings.  For example, hard not to think about literal and figural fires blazing all around us as one looks at it now.

14" long x 5 1/16" t and done on 1/4" particle board with holes at top and bottom center for hanging. Scrapes and scuffs and paint loss around the edges, which are part of what make it great.