Red and Green Tin and Wood Vintage Toy Candlestick Telephone

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I'd call this great old tin and wood toy candlestick telephone a teaching toy--and increasingly so, as what child would have any idea how to use this! I really love it as an object, with red tin base and head, wooden stem and ear piece, and that terrific green dial, plus original red and white striped cord connecting the ear piece to base. It's a fairly rare one I believe dating to the 1930s or so, and features a bell on the underside that once rang as one dialed, but now just clangs a bit when one sets it down. Otherwise, it's in pretty good shape, with some wear to the paint and rusting that I think just makes it better. The dial spins around with ease!

 8" tall x 4 1/4" wide x 4" d.