Real Scarab Beetle Vintage Pin

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I find it quite amazing that this is actually a real, preserved beetle, but indeed it is! I found it stuck into a charming 19th century embroidered pin cushion that I purchased a few months ago at an antique shop, pins and all, and set it aside; only now have I done the research to learn that these are quite a thing.  Scarab jewelry became very popular during the Egyptian revival in the 19th century, including pieces made with real scarabs, but I am not really certain how old this piece is, and it is unmarked. I've found an exact match of this piece online priced pretty dearly (date also unknown)  but am pricing this one low as I'm just not certain of its origins and really just want it to be loved and worn!

It measures 1 5/8" long x  1 1/8" wide x 3/4" tall. Clasp closure. Good overall condition; I'm not entirely sure if the beetle itself was perfect to begin with, but the tip of one mouthpart on the underside is broken (not visible when worn) and it appears to have lost to the very end tip of the wings.