RCS's January 1931 Adirondack Folk Art Hanging Match Holder Shelf

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Found not far from the Adirondacks, photos don't do justice to the presence and charm--or heft!--of this one, carved by a "RCS" in January of 1931, who signed it proudly on the back, and who one imagines immediately hung on the wall to hold matches for the fire (and maybe the pipe, too) in the middle of a long and dark winter. I love everything about it, especially the wide "Y" shaped twig at center doing the work of making a rail for the shelf between the two match holders. A good and honest thing. 

12 1/4 x 3 3/4 t (4 5/8 with hook) x 2 1/8” d and very heavy for its size. Overall good condition, very sturdy and stable, with a split running horizontally from the right edge, not structurally threatening.