Rayo Card Co. Pyramid Solitaire Card Game c. 1907

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The design of these Rayo Card Co. Pyramid Solitaire cards is so good, and so contemporary, I almost can't believe they exist--and date to 1907. But indeed they do, and the instructions, though taped together, are still here with them, with a note that players should keep track of winning combinations and mail them by May 1, 1913 to the Rayo Card Co. c/o Columbia Trust Company at 135 Broadway, NYC!

45 of the original 46 cards are here (the Yellow Triangle 3 card is missing) but if wanting to play one could just make a dummy by copying the Purple Triangle and coloring it yellow:) The game is akin traditional solitaire, but with a different set up and configuration--and much more satisfying I think for the geometrical progression of the stacking order: i.e, orange cover on top of orange spot on top of orange square on top of orange left angle on top of orange right angle...

I believe these are SUPER rare, as I have looked and looked and not found a single reference to them only, only a couple of archival citations of the Rayo Card Co, one in 1907 and one in 1912... I think it is possible Rayo had gone out of business by their 1913 solutions submission deadline!

The cards are in very good condition--light wear, still super bright, only a couple of minor tears and bent corners and minor staining. Color printed on fairly lightweight matte white cardstock, and I think really beautiful enough to frame. As noted, the instructions, and also the title card, are well worn.