Rare Four Image Large Plate Antique Tintype of Baby

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I'm not at all a photography expert, and even less expert on early photographic processes, but I would guess this antique tintype was most likely made with a four lens camera, which came into use for studio portrait photography in the 1860s or so. The only challenge to this theory is that I believe those "Bon Ton" cameras produced four simultaneous images using only one shot, and here each image of this baby appears slightly different, as if an instant passed between each shot. So a bit of a mystery, at least to me, and also I think beautifully mysterious and somewhat haunting in and of itself, with scratching to the surface that makes it all the more so. A pretty rare and special one I think.

5" x 7" and based on what I've seen I think likely 1860s or not long after. Surface scratching as evident but no notable bends; a little bit of wear along the right edge.