Fantastic Female Odd Fellows / Daughters of Rebekah Handmade Mesh Mask

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Pretty rare to find a female version of one of these old Odd Fellows marks, and even more so to find one as exquisite as this one!  Beautifully crafted with hand-painted features, in perfect condition, and 100% ready to wear, it features both wide and thin black elastic bands plus black ribbons for securing it firmly in place, plus pads at the temples on the insides for comfort. And then this jaunty, shiny red feather-like flag sewn to the headband for the perfect final touch! Really a special one. 

The Odd Fellows were founded as British secret society in 1730 in London as a fraternal order and  spread to the United States, established as the Independent Order of Odd Fellows in 1819. It became the first fraternity in the US to include both men and women when it adopted the "Beautiful Rebekah Decree" in 1851, and in 1868 the IOOF voted to establish Degree Lodges of the Daughters of Rebekah, mirroring the existing arrangements for their male counterparts. I believe a mask like this one would have been used in initiation rituals, featureing elaborate scripted ceremonies with masks, costumes, and props. I'd guess it dates to the 1920s or so. 

Just shy of 5 1/2" straight across at back (not measured on the curve); 12" tall. Truly excellent condition.