Rare c. 1960s Fornasetti Double "Le Arpie Gentili" Dish

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In the 1960s, Fornasetti produced a series called Le Arpie Gentili (the genteel harpy) featuring the heads of famous Italian Opera singers on the bodies of song birds in cages--a clever take on the mythological half-woman, half-bird personification of a storm wind. There seems to have been a set of eight plates produced with single "harpies"--but this  oval plate with a pair of them seems much rarer (I found just two out there anywhere like this one, listed for  $450-$800.) I think it would make quite a fun small tray for serving sweet treats (or, conversely, sweetening up healthy snacks, which some might call bird food!) But as it seems a pretty precious thing, maybe best to perch on a shelf or hang on the wall.

6 1/2" x 4 15/16" x 5/8". There is a tiny chip along the bottom edge, which I'd describe as a flea bite, and looks perhaps as if a flaw original to it but I'm not certain. (Place it on a stand and you'd never see it) Documented in detail photos. Otherwise, very good condition, with Fornasetti mark on reverse