Rare Antique Painted Leather Gameboard with Gorgeous Chippy (but not chipping) Paint

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I’ve seen just a few old roll up game boards painted on fabric, but I don’t believe I’ve ever seen one painted on thick, stiff leather like this, and wow is it beautiful. The colors are two different shades of blue—one a bit lighter for the outer perimeter, the second a bit deeper for the inner perimeter and squares, though perhaps the squares are another shade deeper—and a salmony pink for the alternating squares, with thin cream lines around each square. But of course most fantastic is the alligatoring of all of the paint, adding a whole different dimension of pattern to it. The interaction between the leather and the paint is such that it is not at all flaking, just held in this state (if one really tried, one surely could, but why do that?!) Most definitely worthy of framing, though it could be hung directly from they corners by a couple of small clips, etc. Stunning. 

Details give best sense of color and paint. 17 15/16” x 18 1/16”, aging to the paint as evident but not at all flaking. Leather had a nice weight, is in very good condition and lies completely flat. All stable and sound and more beautiful in person. Late 19th/very early 20th century I believe. Shipped flat.