SOLD Rare and Wonderful 1873-4 Joel Ellis Jointed Doll with Lead Hands and Feet

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A survivor and a special, beautifully constructed one, whose taken some knocks to the head, but which I love all the more for it, and such a fun one to pose! This doll I know from a little research was made by Joel Ellis of Springfield, Vermont, whose Co-Operative Manufacturing Company, or Jointed Doll Company, was one of the first makers of fine articulated doll in this manner in the United States. This particular doll I believe was made only for a period of two years, 1873-1874, and is especially rare for (what was once) her blonde hair, blue eyes, and bright blue cast lead shoes. Her body is all wood with mortise and tenon joints, all still in very good shape. There are no marks on these highly collectible dolls but the black belt around the waist was distinctive, and it is easy to find references in books and auctions for Ellis dolls, this one included. Really wonderful, rare, exquisitely made and very special feeling.

11 1/2" t x 3 3/8" wide across the chest. It looks to me her head has not been repaired, just shows cracking and wear to the paint, stable. Her body is in very good condition, with much of the blue paint still on her boots. All of her joints move smoothly and her head turns all the way around.