Rare 19th Century Lustreware Ale Measure with Transfers

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I really love antique children's cups incorporating transfer text, but this is the first cup without a handle I've found, which, given the poem on one side, it didn't take me too long to figure out is an ale measure!  I can't find its match out there, but I did find a few lustreware graduated sets of three, so perhaps this was once part of a set, 19th c. British I am sure. I love the combination of drinking poem on one side paired with image of mother bird feeding her young on the opposite, seeming to make the argument for ale as the essential stuff of life!

3" in diameter x 2 3/4" t and in good condition, with hand-painted lustre glaze around the lip. There are a couple of hairline cracks most visible on the interior,  but it remains water tight for doling out or taking a tipple!