Rare 1883 American News Co. How to Draw and Paint, with Wonderful Plates--and Interventions!

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"How to Draw and Paint," published in 1883 by the American News Company, NY, seems a rare one to find; I've found just one copy out there, listed at about $200. This copy though is its own thing, with a Helen Henkel having put her own stamp on it through watercoloring a dozen or so of its many plates. (I especially like her making the sheep solid black.) The first half of the book (65 pages) is text (with the occasional diagram) walking the reader through everything from shading to color to perspective to anatomy, then one great book plate after another for the second half, a representative sampling of which I've included in photos. Great I think both for the pages that have been painted and for those that haven't!

7 5/8" x 5 1/16" x 5/8" and in good condition, with some staining to the covers and interventions as documented. 65 pages text and then about 50 more pages of illustrations (printed on one side of page only.)