Randolph Madlem's Hopping Rabbits Handwritten Text Plus Turkey Drawing

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Love love love love love. The turkey drawing in crayon on one side of this paper is great, but it's Randolph Madlem's transcription of a story about hopping grass-eating rabbits that breaks my heart! Somewhere midway through he gets the spelling of rabbits right, though he veers back again to adding an "e" on the end. What I love most (in addition to the way he so carefully forms his "a"s and "g"'s) is the way his writing slopes down to the right as if following the the baby rabbit down a hill as he hops toward the best grass eating spot!  Perfection.

10 15/16” x 8 3/8”. Graphite on paper. Some old fold lines (long ago pressed flat, though making one want to handle it with care) and stains here and there, no real matter.