Rachel B. Walton's 1826 Grammar Book with Inscribed Plate and Two Handmade Rewards of Merit

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You likely know I have a total weakness for early school books with the names of their one time owner beautifully inscribed inside, as is very much the case with this 1826 copy of Murray's English Grammar Simplified, published by Glazier & Co. in Hallowell, Maine, not very far from where I found it. The book itself is a rare one, but what a delight to find it not just Rachel B. Walton's name written inside, but also two rewards of merit from her instructor tucked inside its pages, one this lovely cut paper heart with ink decorated border, and the other a square with scalloped and ink decorated corners, both of soft wove paper. Plus a gorgeous marbled blue cover on the book and leather spine. Wonderful.

Book measures 5 5/8" x 3 5/8; 126 pp. Heart: 3 9/16" t. All in good condition, book is clean, only very minor staining, and binding in good shape. Ink text on heart is faint but can be read; square reward of merit in good condition, just a little corner wear. All included.