R & M Pell's 1841 Wallpapered Draughts Box from the Duke of Grafton

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You know I love beautiful handwriting, and old wooden boxes, and antique draughts (checkers) too, so of course I fell for this one, which appears to have been a gift from the Duke of Grafton (in the southeast of Northhamptinshire, England) to an R & M Pell in 1841. There appears to be a hand-written note to the Pells on the blue papered top,  perhaps from the Duke himself, who one imagines sent these along as a gift, and in which the word "friend" is clear. There is hand-printed wallpaper still hanging on to the sides of the box, and more blue paper inside, with Rosine Pell's name written in what looks to be a different hand, with the year 1842. I have found a listing for a Rosine Pell born in 1830 in Northhamptonshire, so she would have been 12 in 1842, making a gift of draughts seem quite appropriate. She had a sister, Maria, two years younger, who I am guessing was the "M" here and from whom, I might guess, Rosine stole these away! 

6 1/4" x 5 1/16" x 3 1/2" t. The box is in good condition, sturdy and stable, with string at attaching the lid to the box. Some loss to the paper on the exterior as evident, but what is there is very well attached, as is the label from the Duke!