Quietly Radiant, Atmospheric Oil on Canvas House by the Sea Painting

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I fell in the love with this painting to moment I spotted it, and am sorry photos don't quiet convey its presence, which is quiet but also sort of electric. I found in it Massachusetts and it wouldn't surprise me to learn the house and site depicted was in Gloucester or Rockport on Cape Ann, near where I live; it has that particular feel and I keep thinking surely I've seen this house before. The green of the grass is acidic enough to give the whole thing a glow-y pop, countered by the distant blue-green of the sea and soft sky that progresses from pink-gray to pale blue. And then the house and shed, carefully painted but with brush strokes evident, and surrounded in a thicker, more gestural nest of forest green shrubbery and what I believe are a few stacks of logs. Really a lovely and also very atmospheric, slightly mysterious thing.

16" x 10". Age and wear evident: some craquelure and some paint loss especially along the bottom edge from where I assume it was at one point framed as well as some scattered small chips here. Unsigned. I would guess early 20th century.