Primitive Wooden Letter Holder or Wall Pocket

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Another example of the simpler the better and more beautiful: this is about as straight-forward a wall-hanging mail (or anything) holder as one could conceive,  and as such I think it is just perfect. It consists of four pieces of wood, joined to one another by small nails and then by four pieces of wire strung through holes and neatly twisted along the bottom edge. It's got a great patina and a couple of little chips in the wood that I think just add to its character. I'd guess this piece is quite old, but it's still in great shape to hang and fill (great for holding cooking utensils, paint brushes, etc), and I don't believe it's design could be improved upon at all!

11 5/8" long x 10 7/8" tall x 3 1/4" at widest. There is some faint text, perhaps the signature of its maker, in what appears to be pencil on the back.