Primitive White Painted Red Elm Tiered Milking Stool

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Had I not spent a couple of years working on a farm, I am not sure I would have known that this unusual tiered painted wood object (while also a remarkable piece of sculpture!) is in fact an old handmade milking stool. While we did not have cows to milk on the veggie farm where I lived and worked, a milking stool came in pretty handy for fitting between narrow aisles in our greenhouses and sitting upon for labor intensive picking, like green beans!  I’m truly in love with this one, which to me possesses all the beauty of a Brancusi, while also resembling a wedding cake! All the better that handwritten right upon it is the history of its making: “Made from 1 piece red elm 1942 by Corina Layson”.  While absolutely poised to serve again as a stool, I really might instead turn it upside down and build an alter around this one! Truly a special piece.

The stool measures 9 1/2” tall x 6” widest and has definitely been used, which I think adds to its appeal.