Hold for KS Hand-Hammered Lidded Round Tin Cooking and Serving Dish

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I think this lidded bowl is truly a gorgeous object, with a wonderful form and fantastic patina from age and use. I've found a few online with the same shape and structure, either clearly made of copper or described as tinned copper. I am not certain but it looks to me like this one is simply tin; either way, the metal is definitely hand hammered, and the irregularities make it really beautiful. I believe this would have been used for cooking as well as serving, and I've seen similar described as Turkish and also Iraqi. I've also seen notes that the lid was designed to  serve as a sort of pedestal for the bowl in serving, and indeed, it works splendidly that way...brilliant! I might use it on the table or even bring it on a camping trip, but would likely be most inclined to treat it like a lovely box and set it somewhere to be admired!

5 3/4" in diameter; 2 3/4" tall without lid, 4" tall with it.