Prang's Alphabets Plain and Ornamental, 1870 (Complete, Pages Loose, Plus Drawings)

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This is quite a rare one, and while the binding is shot and most of the pages loose, the alphabets are beautiful, and there's a great ink drawing just inslde plus a pencil drawn portrait on a blank page at the end. Published in 1870 by Prang, Louis and Co, Boston, it features preface and color title page followed by 15 plates of alphabets (3 color), and a leaf of advertising. This copy features a paper label from James W. Queen  & Co.  Mathematical Instruments, Philadelphia on the inside of the cover and a pencil note that it was then purchased in 1873 from a S.D. Doty.

10 3/4 x 7 1/16. Photos show all pages. Alphabet pages in overall good condition with some toning as evident and rough left edges, but no tears. Spine shows wear, there is a tear to the preface page, and alphabet pages are loose.