Pair of Flip Image Erotic Pocket Mirrors (and Portraits of Vanity), c. 1920s

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These were fun to find, especially together--I'd seen her once or twice before, but I've never seen him, and can't find another like him now. I think they are pretty great just taken straight: I love self-reflexive things, speaking to their own function--her, here, holding up a mirror, and him, certainly, very much posing to be admired--and with the pair of mirrors together, each can perform that function for the other. But then a whole 'nother thing upside down-- her with her hand between her legs, and him--well, see for yourself! There is text around the edge of him reading "The Champion MA" with what looks to be a copyright sign. Quite a pair. 

Each approx 2 1/16" in diameter. Found as a pair and seems right to keep them together. Both in good condition, with a few stains to the surface on her and some clouding to the mirror on him, but still completely reflective.