PLAY FAIR! Late 1920s School Drawing by Richard Page Thurston

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One would think it hard to argue with this one, though wouldn't it be nice if everyone live by it? Perhaps easier said then done, so a pretty good one to hang on the wall as a reminder I'd say, and how to beat Richard's big hand-drawn green letters? I dug this and a few other school drawings by Richard out from near the bottom of an overstuffed box at the flea market filled with old magazine, and know from a pile of old school penmanship exercises (which I'll be listing soon) that the maker was a Richard Page Thurton and that this dates to the late 1920s. Lots of context in which this could be great--and useful--hung on the wall! 

12 1/8" x 9 1/8", crayon and pencil on construction paper. Corner tears, scattered stains and overall general wear, but still, so good!