Rare Plains Native American Elaborately Beaded Hide Ball (2 7/8' Inch)

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I purchased this beautifully beaded ball at an antique show in Maine, from a dealer who told me he had held onto it for a lot of years, but didn't know anything about it. I'd never seen another like it, but assumed it was Native American, and found (find) it quite exquisite (and also reminding me of the fancy antique Pennsylvania folk art yarn balls I have been coveting of late). It took no time to find a handful of other examples like it (a couple of photos included, both antique Sioux)--most definitely it is Native American, Plains Native and I fairly certain, and I believe most like Sioux. I am not an expert, but I can see enough through the beading to be pretty certain the surface of the ball, which is fairly heavy for its size, is hide. It is also that the beads are strung on white thread rather than sinew, which would have been the case with early examples.  My guess, based on the color of the beads and looking at other examples (of which there are not very many) is that it dates sometime 1920s-40s . The beadwork is carefully done and the patterning quite elaborate on both the columns (radial stripes) and fields (sections.) Very special feeling and beautiful from every side.

Approx 2 7/8' in diameter and in very good condition, with no losses and beads well attached.