1783 British Notebook, Partial, with Ships, Fish, Geometry, etc.

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Just a handful of pages here, but a few wonderful drawings among them, as well as some text, including a passage (with lovely watercolor diagram) titled "Of Twilight and the Uses of the Air with regard to Light," a couple of pages relating to constellations, and a few pages of calculations with some pretty geometric doodlings. 

One full page ink drawing shows British naval ships bombarding the island of Goree (on the West Coast of Africa, a strategic hold relative to the trade route to India and Far East Trade) to free it from French control in 1758. (Beautifully drawn ships, and I really love the dotted lines showing the trajectories of the ships' fire as it arches toward its targets.) Another, my personal favorite, shows a large ink wash pilot fish, with another partial version of the same, swimming forth from text, on reverse. Plus views of the English coast (Dover, Isle of Man) as seen from various approaches, and a graphite drawing of three figures, one armored, maybe relating to the Crusades? 

8" x 6 3/8". 7pp plus marbled cover, mostly filled front and back. Photos show a couple favorite pages then document all pages in order. One page loose as pictured, the rest still held to cover with string binding, though would be easily taken apart. Some toning to corners as evident, but drawings and text are clear and bold and paper is otherwise in very good shape.