Piggy Gilts Black on White Hand-painted Wooden Sign

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I really can't imagine any better execution of a sign advertising pig gilts for sale than this one; to my eye one hundred percent right. Gilts are female pigs less than a year old who have not yet birthed a litter. I love that the maker of this sign chose to write piggy instead of just pig, and also how much the style of these hand-painted letters remind me of someone tagging a wall, which makes this "piggy gilts" feel a bit like a phrase that also might means something else. And then also just the evocativeness of the word "gilt." Anyway, a great sign I think, with the same words painted on both sides and two holes drilled right through it for hanging.

19 3/8" l x 14 1/4" t x 3/4" thick, on plywood. Plenty of surface cracking and chipping to the paint but stable and in overall good condition.