Piatnik & Sohne c. 1900 “Sehr Feine Aufschlagkarten” Fortune Telling Cards, Complete Deck

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This is a fun, complete deck of 32  Piatnik & Söhne “Sehr Feine Aufschlagkarten” fortune telling cards, forecasting the future in not one but six languages as well as through fabulously dramatic images! Produced in Austria, this particular deck was imported by H. Roth & Son, Importers of Paprika and Spices at 1577 First Avenue (Corner of 82nd St.) NY, NY, which is printed on one side of the carton. No instructions included, but a little googling should turn some up, or just read them however you like! 

32 cards in excellent condition with very little sign of wear; cards measure 3.5" x 2 1/4". Carton shows some wear but is holding together; top flap has torn loose.