Photo of Photo in Frame on Chair Polaroid

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I'm always interested in photographs of images, especially ones that speak to transition from one form/mode of representation, or one technology, to another--embedded in them is the process of grappling with change, and wanting to carry things forward. And all the better when the resulting images are strange, or fail in doing what they are aspiring to, in the process speaking to both the possibilities and limitations of representation itself. And so, for all of those reasons, and very much just formally too, I really really love this polaroid.  I'm not entirely sure what sort of photograph was inside the wooden frame, which was placed on a chair to photograph--perhaps a full plate daguerreotype, its mirrored surface making it impossible to capture, or perhaps a printed photo under glass, the glare of which resulted in the obfuscation. Whatever the case, just right to my eye that only the feet of two figures made it into the Polaroid. And then the framing inside framing inside the framing of the polaroid format--just perfect.

4 5/16 x 3 5/8 and in very good condition.