A Place and its People, Antique Photo Collage

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A portrait of a place and the community inhabiting and/or surrounding it if I ever saw one--and to my eye quite a joyful thing. Perhaps all of the tiny cutout faces represent extended members of the family that once occupied this home; or maybe they include neighbors and visitors as well; or maybe this was a boarding house, or divided into apartments, and the portraits represent the swirl of those who passed through over a period of time. Whatever the case, quite a wonderful way to capture their shared connection to a physical place I'd say, and I love that the protractor-drawn graphite lines outlining the inner and outer ring--containing the portraits like a wreath--remains visible. 

8 1/4" x 8 1/4" framed. Cutout and collaged photos on board, framed as found. Good condition, with scattered stains, and lots of foxing and staining to the backing, which I have not touched.