Perfect Double-Sided Blue on White Painted Wooden PONY Sign

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This old PONY sign is, to me, pure perfection. Aesthetically, this alligatored lapis blue against creamy white is about as good as is gets, but then is a made a hundred times better yet for spelling out the word "Pony"--which, in my mind, embodies the dreamy dreams of adolescent girls everywhere; visions of a sugar cube and carrot eating, blue ribbon winning, gentle and true, gracefully galloping horse. The hand-painted letters march along a horizontal pencil line, and then this slightly off curve at top and kicks up at either end of the wood. So good. And double sided, too. 

19 1/16” x 9 3/4” x 1/2” and in great condition. Found in Ohio, 1940s-50s or so I would guess and beautifully aged.