Henry Fisher's 1869 Penmanship Practice with Great Word Combinations!

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I've rarely met a penmanship practice notebook I didn't like, but think this is an especially nice one, filled by a Henry Fisher in 1869, under to watch of his tutor W.J. Sleiffer and I believe from Pennsylvania. What I especially love about this one is the repetition of consistently good, juicy words, and especially the pairs of words side by side, usually two to a page: Valentine / Vermilion; Yearning / Yawning ; Machine / Manikin; Teaching / Treachery, etc. There is to me something so satisfying about see those words written over and over together, I'd be pretty tempted to cut a few of these pages out and frame them.

8 1/2" x 6 7/8", 12 pages filled front and back (24 sides.). Very very good condition, clean and bright and all be the first page in very dark, clear ink. Just one small tear to upper right corner of front cover. A lovely example.