Pencil and Watercolor Hand-drawn Clown Postcard, early 20th c German, Signed Kuchler

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In addition to his fabulous polka-dotted hat and clown-suit with great ruffled collar, I really love the handlebar mustache--and mustache-like hair, too--on this hand-painted clown, who looks, underneath the makeup, like a very kindly and interesting guy who one might like to have a beer with! The front of the postcard is signed with what looks to read R.J.P Kuchlar and is addressed to an Otto Kuchler, surely a relative, and a student at Konvikt Rottweil in Germany. And I believe it is postmarked 1911. Great.

3 1/2" x 5" and in very good condition, and most definitely worthy of putting in a frame.