Pattern and More Pattern: Pair of Vintage Shipibo Bowls

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Another pair of vintage Shipibo bowls this week, no faces on these but lots of beautiful pattern. This pottery is created by women of Shipibo tribe of the Peruvian Amazon; as I understand it, the maze-like hand-painted designs on the larger bowl here are sophisticated interpretations of their cosmic beliefs, including that the flow of the jungle rivers follow the same course as the stars. One does not see Shipibo pottery dating to earlier than the 20th century; I believe these two are mid-20th century so so, perhaps the smaller bowl not quite as old as the larger. Coil built earthenware with polychrome. 

Larger: 5 1/2" d x 2 1/4" t. Smaller: 3 5/8" d x 1 5/8" t. Sold as a pair as they're quite nice together, and one nest nicely inside the other. Both in very good condition.