Patrons Day May Pole Dance Real Photo Post Card, 1915

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I vaguely remember one attempt at a Maypole in my early school days (in the 1970s) but I think it bore very very little resemblance to the completely charming one captured here! I think the details in this photograph from 1915 are just wonderful--from the darling dresses, shorts, shoes and hair bows of the participating children, to  the be-hatted spectators to the right and one assumes teachers to the left keeping a close eye on things, and then more spectators watching from the open windows of the brick school building above, plus what looks like a little girl who has perhaps fallen down at near right! And what a lovely thing the Maypole itself is, with the radial  lines of its streamers rather like rays of sunshine.

I know from the seller that this photo came from a collection in Bedford, Iowa, and I believe was taken there. On the reverse: "May 10-1915. Chas. is in this May Pole Dance." 3 1/2" x 5 1/2" and in very good condition.