Patience! 50 Years Waiting for a Letter, Pencil Drawn Postcard, 1908

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This clever hand-drawn postcard takes on new resonance these days, as we wait and worry wondering whether our mail will ever arrive!  Here, the sender, Lucien has drawn himself as a young man cheerfully receiving a postcard from his uncle, which reads Letter suit ('letter to follow') on the front. Then he draws himself 50 years older,  still waiting at the mailbox for the letter to arrive! On reverse, the message to his dear uncle in Grenoble: better late than never ("mieux vaut hard que jamais.")
Postmarked July 10, 1908. 5 1/2" x 3 1/2". Overall good condition, drawn on raw-edged heavyweight white rag paper, which shows some darkening, wear around the edges, and a small tear at upper right.