SOLD (Hold for NN) Partial Antique Piquet Deck, No Indices, Pink Flowered Backs

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I'm ever on the hunt for old playing cards with no indices, square corners, and beautiful form to the shapes of the suits. And really, I don't care much at all about the royal cards; I just love the pips! This is a partial piquet deck (piquet dates to the 16th century at latest, thought to have been brought from Spain to France, and then becoming popular in Germany as well--with decks comprised of 7s through to 10s, the face cards, and the aces in each suit.) I believe this deck is either French or German, probably late-ish 19th century. 

The corners have a tiny bit of rounding to the them but are pretty darn close to square, and the black of those spades and clubs is perfectly lush! Plus the matte stock of the cards has a bit of a grain to it which is what I like most! 

There are small tears to the 7 of clubs and 9 of spades as pictured and light fold lines on a few others; otherwise staining as pictured but overall good condition and just lovely. Cards are full-sized, measuring 3 3/4" t x just shy of 2 5/8" wide.