"Park There" Old Black on Silver Hand-painted Wooden Arrow Sign

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I've certainly seen a lot of No Parking signs, and a few Park Here too, put I don't think I've ever seen a "Park There" sign, with an arrow which at least in my mind suggests that "there" might be quite far away! (I write this having just returned from a few days away, where I encountered a parade detour in Vermont that lead me about an hour off route, with about 20 miles between detour signs one was supposed to follow!...) Solid wood, it's got a good amount of age, black paint over silver, with a plain back that I forgot to photograph. So many context in which this could be great.

25" l x 3 1/4" t (not including hooks) x 3/16" t. Good, completely stable condition, with plenty of surface weathering and some paint loss, all to the good I think.