Pair of Mid-Century Stanley Painted Steel Plumb Bobs

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I've got a bit of a thing for plumb bobs--beautiful forms, which also always feel good in the hand, and there is something so elemental and true feeling about the act of finding a plumb. These two were made by Stanley c. 1960s or so; the red is No.170, 5 oz; the yellow No. 171, 8 oz. I love the ribs on them, and the way the paint has hung on just along them, with what looks like some yellow paint to the larger as what I imagine was a happy accident. To my sensibilities just satisfying things, and collecting plumb bobs in all of their wonderful varieties feels like a good idea to me! 

Red: 4 7/8" l. Yellow 5 3/8" l. Beautiful used condition. Sold as a pair.