Pair of Inuit Caribou Antler Bone Dolls, Vintage

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The existence of these sort of Inuit dolls makes me happy--of course every culture needs dolls, and of course they should be constructed of materials at hand, in this case Caribou antler, with sinew knotted at the joints. A close kinship between them and carved and jointed wooden dolls otherwise, as of course dolls should be able to move! I don't believe this pair, pulled from the same estate, are particularly old, likely later 20th century. Pretty terrific nonetheless, and good as a pair I think, with skinny arms on one and wide, flipper like arms on the other--and a crook in its spine, too!

Larger: 4 1/4" t with legs down. Smaller 3 1/2" t. Sold as a pair.