Pair of Hand-painted Canelos Quichia Ecuadorian Pottery Bowls

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These two intensively painted clay bowls were made by indigenous Canelos Quichua women in the Oriente (upper Amazonian) region of Ecuador, probably 1970s-80s or so. Produced with local clay, traditionally decorated with brushes made of the hair of their children (!), and lacquered with tree resin, these types of drinking vessels were traditionally used for serving Aswan, a fermented gruel.  I think the graphic patterns on both interiors and exteriors are just spectacular, and love the interplay between the two.

Sold as a pair. Large: 4 3/8" in diameter x 1 1/2"t. Small: 3 5/16" in diameter x 1 5/16" t. Both in very good vintage condition, nicely aged, with no chips or cracks.