Pair of Grecian Funerary Lekythos (Oil Flasks) with Mourning Figures, RPPC

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I've become really attracted to old photos of classical art, whether statues of vessels, so immediate scooped up this real photo postcard and a second of a Grecian amphora as soon as I spotted them. A bit of research (I'm including an image of a funerary lekythos from the Met's collection) leads me to understand that it is mourners being depicted on this pair of white grounded lekythos, and I believe it is the spirit of the deceased shown fluttering over the head of the figure on the right vessel. These vessels were designed to hold oil and are understood to have been used in a number of different ways in funerary ritual: burned with the body in cremations, for pouring oil libations on the body or the grave site, and as offerings left at or in a burial. I believe the figurate on the right vessel may be holding one in her raised hand. Pretty wonderful.

3 1/2" x 5 1/2", unused printed back. Very good condition.